Why Choose Trout Creek International Homes?

There are a lot of considerations that come into play when deciding upon which company will build your new log home. Some of these factors are relatively straightforward — such as diameter of log — however, many other factors require a little more in-depth discussion and explanation.

We would like to suggest that you review the following list of advantages and features of a Trout Creek International log home and then we would like to invite you to contact us for further clarification and to answer any additional questions. Therefore, as a beginning point, to assist you in your decision, here are the nuts and bolts of what you want to hear and need to hear:

  1. We will not ship out a log that is not a quality house log. There is a big difference between pulp logs and other lower grade logs and our logs. This includes potential rot, unacceptable spiral checks, large diameter checks, logs that are not dry, heavy blue stain, etc. What this means to you is potential problems as soon as your house is erected — undue excessive maintenance immediately — and in the future — possible structural concerns, and definitely a finished home that does not have the aesthetic look you expected.
  2. We have the least amount of settlement of any log package in the industry. Our logs, processing system and building system ensure that you will have only minimal settlement with our log home product. Settlement issues are usually the number one problem area for log structures.
  3. One option we offer our customers is to pre-stack their house. This step dramatically reduces the on-site time required for our erection crew. The result is drastically reduced crane costs and live-out expenses for the crew and savings to you of thousands of dollars.
  4. Our low overhead and production efficiency allows us to offer you a quality product at very competitive prices.
  5. Our production and building design approach — see Building System & Construction Tabs — will give you a fit and preciseness in the walls, grooves and notches that you will admire and fall in love with.
  6. Log homes are energy efficient due in part to the “thermal mass effect” of the logs. Our approach to building your log home — see Building System Tab — further enhances this energy efficiency resulting in a warm, comfortable, draft-free environment to live in and enjoy.
  7. You can be pleased and comfortable in the knowledge that your log home has been produced in an eco-friendly approach and environment — see Eco-Friendly Tab.
  8. The logs we use are dried naturally as standing dead trees. Not only does this provide us with dry wood, it also serves to reduce checking in the log, minimize any sap residue in the logs, plus assist in reducing settlement issues with the logs. The logs in your log package are a “dry” log which by definition has a moisture content of 19% or less.
  9. We utilize full-length logs in your wall sections and can provide logs up to 60’ in length. This approach avoids butt-joints which can be a major concern for air infiltration/thermal break problems, as well as possible water and bug infiltration issues. In addition — with no visible butt joints — the aesthetics of your walls are greatly enhanced. As well, full length logs provide for more stable walls, no wall sag, greater structural integrity, design options for lighter and more expansive interiors and a more efficient method of construction.
  10. We offer full log gables and a full log roof system. Both of these features provide a very attractive element to the look and feel of your log home. Many companies cannot offer full log gables because of settlement concerns, with our minimal settlement this is not a problem for us.
  11. The log diameters available to you include 8”, 9”, 10”, 11”, 12”, 13”, 14” and 15”. This provides you with a full range to choose from in order to suit the scale of your log structure as well as to work within your desired budget. Larger diameter feature logs are also available as special orders.
  12. Our approach to design together with our building system greatly assists in minimizing maintenance issues associated with your house. For example, we don’t use spring loaded mechanisms — that have to be adjusted and/or which can break at some point in the future. You do not have to go around in the first few years of home ownership and take trim board down and re-cut it.
  13. You have options in building — including a log post and beam home or a home with log siding — if you decide that a full log home is not what you want.
  14. There are a number of specialty wood products that we can offer you to complement your log package including flooring, siding, mouldings, etc. See the Specialty Wood Products tab for these details.
  15. For those customers seeking product at an international destination, we have extensive experience shipping internationally and can ensure a smooth co-ordination from our manufacturing facility to your site.
  16. We want to make your log home ownership journey as smooth as possible and in this regard we will assist with organizing a general contractor, co-ordinate structural engineering services and co-ordinate staining and chinking services.
  17. Whether you are looking for a log cabin, log house or commercial log structure, our experienced sales staff will assist you through different options and ideas — until you are entirely comfortable with your proposed design.
  18. Every employee in a key position within the company brings many years of experience in the log building industry.
  19. With Trout Creek International Homes, your business relationship is directly with the manufacturer. Therefore — should you have any questions — you do not have to worry about dealing through a middleman such as an independent distributor or agent.
  20. The owners — along with every employee of the company — sincerely care about the quality of the product and the eventual satisfaction of the customer.

Trout Creek International Homes knows the importance of the decision you are making in choosing a company to produce your log package. We fully understand and appreciate the implications of this decision. While log quality, building systems, etc. are all extremely important, at the end of the day the people behind the company and what they stand for are also very important.

Our promise to you is that we will nurture you, educate you, work with you and protect your interests to ensure you receive the product you expect and the experience you deserve.

Please contact us to discuss initiating a mutually beneficial relationship with Trout Creek International Homes. Thank you for visiting our web-site.

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