Trout Creek International Homes

About Us

Trout Creek International Homes is a Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada based company that has blended together 13 years of log building experience with 12 years of experience in manufacturing specialty wood products.

The result and advantage to our customers is not only a premier log home company but also a company that can offer a diverse package of products, options and services under one roof.


Trout Creek International Homes offers fast, friendly consumer financing through Crelogix.

Financing Application

Crelogix is Canada’s friendliest non-bank, technology enabled, consumer financial services company. Their roots and expertise trace back to 1974. Crelogix is the largest Canadian provider of point of sale installment credit financing based on over three billion dollars in transactions and over half a billion dollars of purchase volume and receivables.


Trout Creek International Homes’ product lines include log structures — both residential and commercial — of every conceivable shape, size and complexity, log accents, log siding, log railings, log sealants and log post and beam. In addition, we offer select clear specialty lumber products, solid wood flooring/decking/panelling, custom mouldings, door and window stock plus dimensional lumber cottage kits.


Trout Creek International Homes’ services include custom designs, international shipping, anti-fungal treatment, general contractor assistance, structural engineering co-ordination, stain and chinking co-ordination, and lock-up packages on volume orders.

Trout Creek Mission

Trout Creek International Homes’ focus with our log products is to physically — not just on paper in a fancy brochure — deliver to our customers the best milled log home product in the industry. This starts with choosing the best quality standing dry logs from the interior of British Columbia and it continues with a “customer-first” philosophy in how Trout Creek International Homes operates its business.

Trout Creek Strengths

The differentiation between Trout Creek International Homes and many other companies is:

  • We have the #1 milled log building system
  • We deliver on our promise of a quality log structure
  • Experienced staff are positioned throughout the company
  • We offer a broad range of products, options and services
  • Any support companies that we use are very experienced at what they do
  • We are dedicated to producing a high quality product that is on spec, on time and at a competitive price

Professional Affiliations & Memberships

Trout Creek International Homes believes in being an integral component of the log and wood building industries as this directly and indirectly benefits our customers. In this pursuit, Trout Creek International Homes and/or Trout Creek Enterprises are proud members of the BC Log & Timber Building Industry Association, BC Wood and the Canadian Home Builders Association.

BC Log & Timber Building Industry Association BC Wood Canadian Home Builders Association

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