SIPs Installation Videos: Ready To Stand Apart?

If you’re ready for a better way to build, watch the videos below and learn how easy it is to switch to PBS SIPs. View different segments from our Installation DVD to better understand the full PBS SIPs installation process.

1. A Better Way to Build
A SIPs Overview

2. What Are SIPs?
And why are they better for the environment?

3. Stronger. Straighter. Greener.
PBS offers the industry’s most extensive
product testing and building code reports.

4. Construction Techniques
Tricks of the Trades

5. How Will You Build Today?
PBS SIPs Product Applications

6. Installation Animation
Two-minute overview on how easy it is
to install SIPs, courtesy of the Structural
Insulated Panel Association (

Note: Videos require flash and may take a minute to load.

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