Log Post and Beam Homes

Log Post and Beam Structures

Log post and beam structures are an attractive alternative to full log structures. Sometimes people do not want a full log structure but they still love the look of logs. In a situation such as this, full logs will quite often become incorporated with other construction styles. Usually, this hybrid approach will see the logs mixed in with more conventional frame and drywall in the house design.

There is no “standard” log post and beam design. The amount of log included in the house design can range from abundant to minimal. Log features that are often included in post and beam structures are:

  • log purlins in the ceiling
  • log trusses
  • log staircase
  • log posts
  • log beams
  • log floor joists
  • exterior covered log entrances
  • log railings
  • accent logs

The choice is yours and we will prepare your log post and beam house plans accordingly.

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