Log Stain

Trout Creek International Homes has teamed up with one of the leaders in the log home “finishes” industry — Timber Pro Coatings. They have the experience, testing capability and knowledge to ensure that our log home and wood product customers are receiving the quality finishing products that they need.

Timber Pro Coatings has been active in the “finishes” market for approximately 18 years and they recently placed #1 in the “Green Stains & Finishes” category in the 2008 Green Log Awards. Some of the many reasons to use Timber Pro UV products are colour hold, easy application, easy maintenance, low odour, non-flammability and incredible durability.

Products available include Log & Siding exterior stain, Crystal Urethane interior stain, Deck & Fence Stain, Clean & Brite preparation cleaner and Strip & Brite heavy duty cleaner.

The Log & Siding exterior stain offers the toughness of an oil finish combined with envirosafe qualities such as low-toxicity, the easy clean-up of a water-borne product plus mildewcides to protect against mould and mildew growth.

The Crystal Urethane interior stain bridges the performance gap between high VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) solvent-borne oil urethanes and water-based clear acrylic coatings.

Timber Pro UV

Log Stain Brochures

Exterior Stain

Interior Stain

Deck & Fence Stain


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