Tru-Log Siding

Tru-log siding takes log siding to a whole new level in terms of distinctiveness. While it is a half-log siding, it enhances this aspect with an integrated, notched, full round, log corner tail. The result is a remarkable product that gives the true appearance of a full log home from the exterior at a substantially reduced cost compared to a full round log home.

It offers the external beauty of a log home with the option of the internal appearance of a traditional home. The best of both worlds!

Tru-log siding is available in 8” or 9” diameters with larger diameters being available as a custom order. The package will be shipped in random lengths. Species available are Spruce and Pine.

Tru-log siding is excellent for new construction or for renovation projects. Its consistent profile makes it very easy to work with. In addition, no heavy equipment is required and no special skills or tools are required.

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