Log Profiles — Full Log

Trout Creek International Homes (TCIH) produces a full round, consistent diameter, “Swedish Cope” log profile with or without a hand-peeled textured finish. Logs are profiled in a consistent diameter from 8” through to 15” with full-length logs up to 60’ long. Wall sections are designed to maximize the use of full-length logs rather than shorter, butt-jointed logs with their potential weaknesses and complications.

Swedish Cope

The Swedish cope curved, lateral groove is machined along the base of each wall log. This approach is an excellent full, weight-bearing system that has been proven within the log building industry to be a superior system for fitting logs together. The fit between each log, one on top of the other, is a precise, immediate, tight fit with no lag time required — waiting for the logs to settle down upon one another.

Saddle Notch

The corners that TCIH produces are a precision cut Saddle Notch. This particular corner design provides a very traditional look to the log home even though the notches are produced with modern manufacturing equipment that results in a precise, consistent fit with no hand variability. The machined notch perfectly overlaps with the consistent diameter log below giving the customer an extremely sound, stable, attractive, energy-efficient log wall system.

Hand-Peeled Textured Look or Machine-Finish

Most customers choose a hand-peeled textured look — rather than a machine-finish — to be applied to their finished logs. They therefore achieve a hand-hewn, rustic finish to their log home — while still benefitting from the preciseness and fit advantages of the manufacturing process.

Please refer to the Building System tab for a more detailed explanation of the above features — along with a description of the many other advantages of TCIH’s log building approach.

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