Log Home Wood Species

Logs supplied by Trout Creek International Homes (TCIH) for your log home are available in three wood species — Lodgepole Pine, Engelmann Spruce and Douglas Fir. All three species are excellent to use in log structures and all three have been utilized for many decades in the log building industry.

Regardless of which species is used in the log package, all logs will be dry before they are processed and therefore, dry before they are erected at your building site. The majority of our logs are harvested as dead/dry standing timber which not only supplies a dry log, it provides a log where most of the checking in the wood has already occurred and in the case of pine and spruce, where the sap has for the most part drained out of the tree.

Some general characteristics of each of the wood species are as follows:

  • Lodgepole Pine
    • Light in colour
    • Distinctive light & dark grain patterns
    • Straight, rich grain pattern
    • Reasonably priced
    • Some checking will occur in the logs
    • Attractive knot pattern
  • Engelmann Spruce
    • Light in colour
    • Uniform grain pattern
    • Good strength to weight ratio
    • Reasonably priced
    • Some checking will occur in the logs
  • Douglas Fir
    • Slightly darker in colour than pine or spruce with reddish tones
    • Fine grain pattern is more pronounced in appearance
    • Superior strength to weight ratio
    • Excellent dimensional stability
    • Checking is subdued compared to pine and spruce
    • More expensive than pine and spruce

A great number of customers like pine and spruce because the light coloured wood gives a much brighter and lighter feel to the interior of the home. Some customers prefer the highlighted grain pattern of Douglas fir along with its more limited checking. If there are certain characteristics that you may be looking for in the wood species for your log home, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

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