Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Log Homes

  • Q: How Energy Efficient Are Log Homes?
  • Q: Do You Do Custom Designs?
  • Q: What Is Involved With The Maintenance Of A Log Home?
  • Q: Is There An Advantage To Using Kiln-Dried Logs?
  • Q: Do Log Homes Need Chinking or Caulking?
  • Q: What Is Included In TCIH’s Log Package?
  • Q: Who Builds My Log Home?
  • Q: Where Does TCIH Ship Their Log Packages?
  • Q: How Do We Get Started?

    A: Getting started on your log home project is very easy. There is no need to think that you need extensive plans, diagrams, notes or pictures to initiate the project. While some details are certainly always helpful, if you don’t have this, we can get you up to speed on ideas and options in fairly short order. From there, we will develop the conceptual design together and will go back and forth as the preliminary house plans get massaged and refined.

    While everything can certainly be done via phone, e-mail, fax and courier, we always prefer to meet in person wherever possible. Where practical, we will make a special effort to travel to your building site and meet with you to assist both of us in the planning and design process.

    We strongly recommend that clients ideally initiate their house plans at least one year prior to construction — the earlier the better. You can start your house plans without having to immediately commit to the log package. This approach gives you tremendous advantages in planning your project, lining up contractors, obtaining building permits, etc. and the front end cost is small.

    It is important to keep in mind that we operate on a first-come first-served basis when it comes to preparing the construction drawings, blocking off plant production dates and scheduling stacking crews. If you are keen on a particular time-frame for your building construction, then it is important to get this time-frame locked-up so that you are not disappointed.

    P.S. We are friendly, supportive, subsist almost solely on water and we don’t bite!

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