Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Log Homes

  • Q: How Energy Efficient Are Log Homes?

    A: If log homes incorporate a strong building design system and they are constructed properly, they will provide homes that are every bit as energy efficient as well-insulated conventional frame houses. Studies have shown that this result occurs even when the R-value for a log wall is lower than the R-value for a conventional frame wall — and that is because of the thermal mass performance of a log wall.

    Part of a log home’s energy efficiency comes from what is called its “thermal mass” quality This is the log’s ability to absorb and store heat during the day and radiate this heat back into the interior of the home when the home starts to cool off in the evening. The result is that come morning, your home will not have cooled off as much — compared to a conventional frame house — and therefore, the cost to bring your home’s temperature back up to a comfortable living level will be less.

    The thickness of the log used in the construction of the home will have a bearing on the home’s energy efficiency up to a point — there is a point at which a log maxes out its contribution — because of its thermal mass contribution. As well, the profile of the logs, log to log, and the nature of wall logs’ connecting and sealant systems also have an important bearing on the energy-efficiency of your home. Trout Creek International Homes’ (TCIH’s) consistent — no hand variability in fitting your wall logs together — diameter, profiled fit and its extremely tight and strong connection system plus its multi-faceted wall sealant system strongly reinforces and supports the energy-efficiency of your log home. Air infiltration along the seam of a log connection is a very important area to pay attention to — because with the natural expansion and contraction of all logs, it becomes an integral area to the successful energy-efficiency of your home. Our approach to building log homes combats this concern very effectively — see the Log Home Building System page for a complete explanation of our excellent system of designing and building log homes.

    Please contact us should you require additional information on this topic.

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