Log Home Construction

Trout Creek International Homes specializes in log home construction.

Specific details on our design and construction methods are covered in the Building System section. This particular section will provide you with a visual reference to different areas of our log home construction and to the quality that we incorporate. It also serves to highlight a number of features that we can incorporate into a log house design and therefore, features that you may choose to include in your own log home.

For clarification purposes, a couple of points of information in relation to our construction approach are as follows:

  • With every log home package, we supply a set of construction drawings that will meet building permit requirements. In addition, we provide a detailed set of cut and stack shop drawings that are utilized in the erection of the home.
  • Every log in your home is designed for only one location in the home. Each log is coded and tagged to ensure an efficient, methodical process throughout construction.
  • Since we use consistent diameter logs, when the log walls are stacked, you receive a plumb wall which makes it a great deal easier to interface your frame walls, hang cabinets, hang pictures, etc.
  • An electrical plan is designed when your construction drawings are produced. The logs are drilled for the electrical as per the plans when they are stacked.
  • All construction drawings will be reviewed, signed and sealed by a structural engineer unless you instruct us otherwise.

“This is how a log wall should look!”


“Log floor joists not only give structure but they also provide a beautiful architectural detail in your home.”


“Interior log walls are as beautiful as exterior log walls.”


“Rock and logs are a fantastic complement to each other.”


“A walk-out basement is always an inviting and practical feature for a log home.”


“SIP panels can also be used.”


“With our minimal settlement, incorporating full log gables or full log dormers is not a problem. These features provide a special attractiveness to the appearance of your log home, both on the interior and the exterior.”


“Opening up your living space with a wall of windows and enhancing this area with log purlins running along the ceiling creates a truly dramatic and beautiful great room.”


“If you want to combine interior frame/gyproc walls instead of log, no problem, they work well together and they look great.”


“Tongue and groove is not your only ceiling option — but it looks great.”


“Even the electrical has character!”


“We make it all work.”

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