Log Cabin Plans — <1500 sq. ft.

Log cabins can be manufactured to whatever size and design a customer desires. This section provides examples of log cabin plans from 350 square feet to 1500 square feet.

Cabin designs can be with or without:

  • a loft
  • a basement
  • a crawl space
  • covered decks
  • full log roof system
  • full log floor joists
  • open floor plan
  • multiple bedrooms
  • interior frame walls
  • et cetera

In collaboration with our professional log cabin designers, we will ensure that your modified version of an existing design — or a completely new custom design — will be the perfect plan to meet your needs.

Most log cabin packages will utilize a log diameter of 8” or 9” but larger diameter logs can be provided if that is your preference. We will be happy to discuss this option with you as well as the many other design and construction options that are available to you. Please refer to the Log Homes page for details on Why Choose Trout Creek International Homes, log building system, log construction, wood species, etc.

Log Cabin Plans — <1500 sq. ft.

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Log Cabin Photo Gallery

Enjoy these photos of log cabins by Trout Creek International Homes.

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