Log Accents & Log Trusses

Trout Creek International Homes (TCIH) supplies log trusses and log accents from its base of operations in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

Log trusses allow for a dramatic, design statement to made to any home — this could be a full log, post and beam, hybrid-structural insulated panel or more conventional home.

Log accents — while including log trusses — can also take on many other forms and are only really limited by a customer’s preferences. Variations may include full round logs, half-round logs, custom sized log components plus any of these log components being combined with added, attractive, artistic, design features.

Examples where log trusses and log accents can be applied include:

  • log trusses — both on the exterior and the interior
  • full round log beams
  • half-log beams
  • regular round log posts
  • feature/character log posts
  • false purlins
  • Pac-man logs
  • log gazebos
  • ranch gates
  • knee braces
  • fireplace mantles
  • et cetera

Please view our photos of log accents and contact us for any special requests.

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