Eco-Friendly Log Homes

Log Homes in general — and Trout Creek International Homes (TCIH) in particular — respond in a number of ways to support an eco-friendly approach to building a new home. In addition to receiving a beautiful and comfortable new log home, our clients can be reassured that they are also acquiring a home that has many integrated aspects creating a product that is soft on the environment and green in its footprint. This approach manifests itself in a variety of ways as follows:

  1. TCIH uses dead-standing trees in the production of their homes. This means that live trees are not being cut down — which greatly assists the conservation and sustainability of our forests. We are reducing the pressures on timber extraction and supporting the long-term viability of the forests.
  2. TCIH applies a “programmed” approach in the manufacturing of your log home package. This means a more efficient production process resulting in less waste.
  3. The gasket material that is used in the building system does not use any ozone-depleting chemicals in its manufacture and it contains no volatile organic compounds.
  4. The log stains that we sell are environmentally safe, with low toxicity and they recently placed #1 in the “Green Stains & Finishes” category at the 2008 Green Log Awards. They contribute to good indoor quality and are much easier on the planet to manufacture.
  5. Log homes require less energy to build than a comparable conventionally built home. Their approach to construction is relatively straight-forward, thereby providing for good energy-efficiency.
  6. Log homes are very durable, if they are designed, constructed and maintained properly, they can last hundreds of years. This is an enormous benefit to the planet with a substantial lessening of the demand on the planet’s resources and on its environment.
  7. Relatively local raw material resources are utilized wherever possible — provided we can meet the specifications for the log package ordered and maintain our high quality grading standards. This step assists in minimizing the carbon footprint of the production.
  8. Log homes are recyclable/reuseable in the future, if not directly, then certainly at a minimum as energy recovery.
  9. TCIH ensures that there is very little waste in their production process through efficient utilization of the raw resource and any wood waste.
  10. TCIH — together with their log home designer — works with the customer to incorporate certain energy-efficient design features in the design of the home.
  11. Through experience with a great many projects and exposure to a number of potential suppliers, TCIH will assist their clients with information and suggestions for various energy-efficient products such as windows, roofs and other components in the home.

TCIH’s homes have a natural resistance to heat loss — radiant comfort from the log’s thermal mass and reduced energy consumption because of its tight, precise, consistent, building design system — see Log Home Building System tab on this page. These features along with many others, contribute to an outstanding log home product that is also eco-friendly.

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